Company Accounts

Magnaquest's Billing & CRM solution provisions to create multiple accounts for a financial accounting system. This enables to send data to the specific company accounts based on the specified criteria.

To create company accounts:

  1. On the System Administration module, click Accounts, and then click Company Accounts.

  2. In the Company Account Code box, type the code of the company account.

  3. In the Company Account Name box, type the name of the company account.

  4. In the Accounting System drop down, select the accounting system to which the company account belongs. The accounting systems available in the system are displayed in the drop down.

  5. In the Application ID box, enter the application id.

  6. In the Application Login box, enter the application login.

  7. In the Connection Key box, enter the connection key.

  8. In the Gateway URL box, enter the URL.

  9. In the Other Info box, enter any other information.

  10. In the Password box, enter the password.

  11. In the Status drop down, select the status as Active or Inactive.

  12. Click Save to save the company account.