Logical Resource Pool Definition

Logical Resource Pool Definition screen is used for defining new pool for logical resources like IP address, VoIP/Telephone numbers etc. You can add a single resource value or range of resource values to the pool.

You can also modify the existing pool details if modification option is enabled at the time of defining the resource pool.

To define resource pool:

  1. On the System Administration module, click Provisioning, click Usage Based Services, and then click Logical Resource Pool Definition.

  2. To define new pool, click the New check box.

  3. Enter Pool Code and Pool Name in the respective fields.

  4. Select Pool Type from the drop down. Depending on the nature of the pool, it can be either IP Address or VOIP No.

  5. For the pool type IP Address, Format drop down appears. In the Format drop down, select the value as IPV4 to define pool for IPV4 IP addresses; select the value as IPV6 to define pool for IPV6 IP address.

  6. If you want to define pool for a single resource value, click the Add link to add a new row in Pool Details grid. Enter the value and click Update link to add the value to the pool. Repeat this step to add more such single values.

  7. If you want to define pool for range of resource values then in Pool Range grid, enter starting and ending values in To and From field respectively. Click the Generate Details button to add the resource values to the pool.

  8. Select the Modifiable Pool check box if you want to enable pool modification option. In such case, you can modify the pool details, if required at later point of time. Otherwise, you cannot modify the pool details.

  9. Click the Save button to save the pool details.

  10. To modify an existing pool detail, select the Pool Name from the drop down. The pool details appear in the screen. Depending on the requirement. you can do the following:

  1. After modifying the details, click the Update link and click the Save button to apply the modification.

Note: Schedule "Define Logical Resource Pool" job if you want to define a Pool having large number of values.