Check Bounce

Check Bounce screen is used to cancel the payment done through Check, if the check is bounced. It also allows the user to penalize the customer if the check is bounced.

To cancel a Check:

  1. On the Receivables module, click Check bounce.

  2. Enter Check number in Check # field or enter Customer Number in Customer # field. Else, click the Search Lookup against the Customer # field. Enter the minimum required details in the searching fields and click the Search button. The details appear in Lookup Search pop up window. Select the required Customer Number link from the Search Results list in Lookup Search pop up window. The Check Details, Payment Information, Check Bounce Details appear on the screen.

  3. In the Check Details grid, select the radio button against the check # you want to dishonor. The corresponding details of the payment are displayed in the Payment Info grid.

  4. In the Check Bounce Details grid, enter the Check Bounce Date, Penalty charge, and Notes (if any). Select reason for the check bounce from the given drop-down. The penalty specified while defining the price plan appears on the screen. You can over ride the price by entering the amount in the text box provided against the Penalty Charge (Rs) field.

  5. Click the Save button to save the details.

  6. You can view the Check bounce details in Account Summary screen.

Note: By default, transaction date is value date if value date feature is enabled. Else, system date is displayed. You cannot post a transaction on other dates other than the value date and system date if value date feature is enabled.