Pay In Slip

Pay in slip screen is used to display the total cash and check payment amounts of 'Day Wise' and 'Agent Wise' for the selected operational entity. It also provides the service provider to select the payment amounts and generate or deposit pay-in-slip.

To view the pay in slip details:

  1. On the Receivables module, click Pay-In-Slip.

  2. Select the required Operational Entity from the drop-down list. 'Cash Funds',  'Check Funds',  'PayOrder Funds', or Demand Draft Funds account balance is displayed for the selected operational entity.

  3. The Name field display's the selected operational entity. Select the Currency from the drop-down list.

  4. Select From Date and To Date to specify the date range.

  5. Click the Search button to view the payment details that are pending to be generated or deposited. The detail  includes Date, Payment Mode, No of payments, Amount, and Current Transaction displayed in the 'Day wise' grid. We also have an option to view the payment details collected by agent on clicking 'Agent Wise' tab. We also provide provision to view the current day and previous day's payment details by clicking Today or Yesterday Buttons.

  6. Select the Payment Towards from the drop-down to make payment towards the service availed.

  7.  In Deposit Bank box, the deposit bank name automatically appears based on the deposit bank selected while making new payment.


To deposit or generate pay in slip:

  1. In Deposit Details grid, add the Check Amount or Cash Amount by selecting the check box displayed in 'Day Wise' or 'Agent Wise' grid.

  2. The corresponding details of the payment is displayed in Cash Amount or Check Amount based on the selected payment mode.

  3. In Deposited To drop-down, select value as operational entity or bank. To deposit the amount to operational entity, in the Operational Entity drop-down, select the operational entity to which you want to deposit the amount. To deposit the amount to bank, in the Bank Name drop-down, select the bank to which you want to deposit the amount.
    : The field 'Deposited To' and 'Operational Entity' or 'Bank' drop-downs are enabled only if the profile option Enable Bank In Payinslip value is set to 'No'. If the value is set to 'Yes', then Deposit Bank drop-down is displayed in which you can deposit the payment amount.

  4. Select the Pay-in-slip Date to generate the pay in slip.

  5. In Reference #, enter unique identification number for pay-in-slip.

  6. Enter Notes if any.

  7. Click Generate button to generate the pay in slip.

  8. Click Deposit button to deposit the generated pay in slip in the bank or operational entity.

Note: A Pay in slip can be deposited with or without generating it.