TDS Register

TDS Register screen is used to record Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) amount against a payment for a given customer. It also helps you to update the status of TDS certificate when service provider receives the TDS amount.

To record new TDS:

  1. On the Receivables module, click TDS Register.

  2. In the 'Customer #' text box, you can either enter the customer number in the given text box or Retrieve the customer details. The customer's account details such as name, balance, e-mail address, address, entity, and country are displayed in the below.

  3. In the New grid, enter the TDS register details to add TDS for the customer.

  4. Click Save to save the TDS details of the customer.

To view or modify the existing TDS details:

  1. In the Customer # box, enter the customer's number or  Retrieve the customer details, for whom you want to view or modify the TDS entries.

  2. Enter the values in the specified search criteria such as From Date, To Date, TDS Certificate #, Payment #, or select TDS Status from the drop-down list.

  3. Click Search button to retrieve the results based on the specified search criteria.

  4. The details such as TDS Date, TDS Certificate #, TDS Amount, Payment #, Payment Amount, Is Settled are displayed in the below grid.

  5. Click Edit hyperlink against the TDS Date. The TDS details are displayed in the 'Edit' grid..

  6. Modify the required details and click Save to apply the modifications.