View Pay-in-Slip

This screen is used to display the list of pay-in-slips based on the selected search criteria.

To view the list of pay-in-slips:

  1. Click View Pay-in-Slip under Receivables module.

  2. Select the Operational Entity and Currency from the drop-downs.

  3. Select the Payment Mode as Cash, Check,Pay Order, Demand Draft, or All.

  4. Select the Status as Generated, Deposited, or All.

  5. Select the From Date and To Date to specify period for which you want to view the pay-in-slips.

  6. Click Search Button to view the list of pay-in-slip.

  7. The details are displayed in 'Pay-in-Slip Details' grid. The detail includes Action, Pay-in-slip #, Pay-in-slip Date, Payment Mode, Deposited To, and Amount.

  8. In the details displayed, click hyper link Edit, Deposit, or Cancel to perform respective actions by navigating to 'Pay-In-Slip' screen.

  9. Click on pay-in slip number to view pay-in-slip details. In View Pay-in-Slip Details screen, you can click Print button to print the pay-in-slip details.

Note: The hyper links provided are privileged-based. That is, only pending Pay-in-Slips can be canceled and deposited Pay-in-Slips cannot be deleted.