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Magnaquest Sure solution is a powerful, complete, secured and competitive Subscriber Management System that manages information and financial dealings of a customer with the company. This helps the company in controlling costs, decreasing the maintenance, saving time, and maintaining the complete record of a customer.

The application efficiently manages the customer information and their corresponding transactions. Magnaquest Sure solution provides a good easy-to-use Web interfaces with the help of GUI tools, which helps the user in navigating across the screens easily.

The technology used by Magnaquest Sure solution maintains data integrity and manages the operations effectively. This helps in maintaining the consistency regarding the status of services subscribed by a customer. It also provides data security as only the authorized users are privileged to do the operations.

This guide provides a full-fledged traverse to understand the multifaceted product Magnaquest Sure  solution. Terminologies and functions/operations of the product are also explained in the guide. A systematic approach is adopted to make the guide simple to understand the relevant functionalities.

Magnaquest Sure solution envelops a wide range of operations with its powerful and user friendly functionalities that includes registering a customer, sale/loan of hardware items, finance, logistics, provisioning and customer care. A systematic approach is adopted to make it simple to understand the relevant functionalities. These functionalities are mainly segregated under the following modules:


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