View Payments

View Payments screen displays the list of approved payments. This screen also allows you to modify or cancel existing payment details.

To view and modify existing payment details:

  1. On the Receivables module, click View Payments.

  2. In Party Type drop-down, select the party type as Customer, Operational Entity, or Partner.

  3. Select or Retrieve customer, operational entity, or Partner details. The name, balance, and the payments details appear in the screen.

Note: Available credit balance is displayed only for external operational entities when Is Visible check box is selected in Layout screen.

  1. Click the payment number link to view the details in Payment pop up window.

  2. Under Action column, click the Edit link to navigate to Edit Payment screen to edit the payment details.

  3. Modify details like, Receipt Number, Receipt Date, and Book Number. For Pay Order, you can edit the Pay Order number, Pay Order Date, Bank Name, and Branch Name.

  4. Click the Save button to apply the modification and save the details.

  5. Click the Cancel link to navigate to Cancel Payment screen.

  6. Enter Cancel Reason, Cancel Date and Cancel Notes.

  7. Click the Save button to cancel the payment. The customer balance is updated when the payment is cancelled.

  8. Click the Print link to generate a receipt for the payment.

Note: The payment entries which do not impact the account balance can only be modified.