Rate Plan

Rate Plan defines the way charges are calculated for a particular service. Rate plan converts the raw units provided by the service provider into ratable units. These ratable units can be charged. Depending on the rate plan, charges are generated for the usage records.

Rate plans can be assigned to Voice in case of VOIP services, Events in case of On Demand Services and Data in case of ISP or Broadband services. Based on volume of data used or usage duration or time-of-day, you can define the rate plans. Rate Plans consist of pricing depending on the time slots.




Called destination (depends on area code to which call is made) includes local calls, distance calls, call to mobiles and international calls

Pulse Rate based Rate Plans

Pulse rates are defined in terms of number of seconds. Typically it could be 60 seconds pulse rate by default

Connection Fees

NRC/One Time Charge which is standard feature in Billing & CRM solution

Volume Based

The volume based rates are applicable in the form of slabs, where slabs are ranges of usage defined in form of units

Free Units/minutes

If each pulse is a single unit, then per month free units can be defined as part of rate plan

Closed Group Numbers

Some set of numbers (E.g. two or three within the same network) can be part of a rate plan, where for those number unlimited calls can be made with a single monthly charge (optional)

Peak, Off-Peak

Peak, Off-Pick timings can be defined (E.g. Night 9 PM to morning 6 AM half charge)


The service provider may define several rate plans, but a customer can be assigned only one under a given contract.

Rate plans are defined in Rate Plan screen.